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  1. How fucking big is this five-year-old that he’s wearing the same jackets as his step-dad? I wonder how dumb the dad felt when he pulled out nothing but sweetarts out his pocket whilst making a drug exchange.

    1. if no syringes, atleast provide pvc pipe & duct tape to make a bong or whatever the fuck pos drug addicts do…

    2. YES FRED, please provide Instructions, HOW TO DO “ASS to MOUTH”… IAN want’s to learn…..

  2. Are you all retarded? This isn’t a joke, addiction is a serious thing, and think about all the adults that over dose, all it takes is one of those kids to take a bite and they could die. Maybe you all are the ones that are looking for a fix. I feel sorry for your kids if you have any, from your comments you show you don’t care. I hope your kids come home with a pocket and a head full of heroine, then we will see who’s laughing. Grow some fucking brains.

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