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    1. yeah, true, but come on. you gotta admit (I’m American too, BTW) there’s a shockingly high percentage of idiots in the US. we didn’t get the stereotype of being a nation of fat idiots for nothing.

    2. Hey 2lolo. I was wondering when you were going to show up. You’re late, dipshit. I thought maybe Fred actually finally killed you.

    3. that telling him 2lo, hit him where it hurts. I’ll jump in too.
      FR you’re and IDOT! (whatever that is) 8-p

  1. Is it always dumb people, that fight about who is dumber than the other..For some reason they feel the need to defend the 2% of brain cells they just may have left..

    1. Krieger, you are fucking dumb…. almost as dumb as me!!!! lol we’re such good friends now!!!

    2. Uh…If you guys are gonna rub dickheads together now, you might ought to go some place else, okay?

    3. Your house?? Despite the inquiries, I’ll insure that you’ll get in first before you change your mind and decide to spend the rest of your day on

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