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    1. Ok please tell me and the rest of the world why you two are fighting each over so much? How did this whole thing happen? And 2lolo if you don’t stop with the pointless ellipses, the annoying over use of exclamation marks and the random capitalising words/names for no reason, I will end up fighting you, ok? So before you two kill each over from over postage, please calm down. Then fight in real life since we can then post the loser here. *Evil smile*

    2. “Postage”?
      That’s fucking right! You owe me postage on all those used gerbils I sent you, 2lolo!

    3. @ Really,
      I noticed the same thing when I got on here 3 weeks ago. Asked the same thing too. Fred can answer question. But from what I’ve seen, two-ey just don’t let up. Everyone’s sick of his same old sh!t. Pointless ramblings. New material has been requested many times. But some things never change.
      Gotta love “its” persistence. 😀

    4. 2lolo is the most persistent troll on the internet. besides giving HJ’s, his single most satisfying pursuit in life is getting people to fight with him on this website. I think the only reason he seems to attack Fred the most is probably because Fred’s been here the longest. I could be wrong.

    5. PS- he loves it when you stoop to his level and attack him. but, for some reason, we all do. it’s easy and somewhat entertaining.

    6. Then don’t? He sounds like a toddler the way you talk about him, the worst things to do to a toddler is to either kill it with fire, or just ignore it and let it kill itself.

    7. Hmm, since 2lolo likes Fred so much we could always call them a couple. The best couple’s name I could think of was 2Fredo or Frelo. First one reminds me of chocolate and they both sound better than the others I came up with.

    8. you wanna troll both 2lolo AND Fred? well, ok. I happen to like Fred, so you’re on your own there. should be entertaining to see how it plays out.

    9. Wasn’t really a troll more of a hoping they stop fighting thing but oh well, and I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this but I just realised 2lolo spelt Autumn wrong.

    10. you could try to avoid them both and stay neutral, but you’ll soon see, as I did, that it’s nearly impossible if you want to take part in the discussion. sooner or later you’ll just have to tear into him- but as soon as you engage 2lolo it’s all over. he keeps a list. once you’re on it, you’re there forever.

    11. @Really,
      yes, it gets spelled wrong all the time. er, most of the time, well, all the time.
      Hang on. It’s fun.

    12. You know the little kid that just repeats, “Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom” until she finally screams, “WHAT”?
      Well, that’s 2lolo. And once you start some shit with him, the shit is on.
      For nearly a year, I never said anything to him and he me. Then I fucked up and started messing with him. Believe it or not, he wouldn’t even respond for awhile, till I got kinda rough with him. So, I have to take responsibility for this shit.

    1. 2lolo enjoys piss-covered ballsacks, I’m sure he’d make a meal out of it. just watch your 5-hole, he’s a sneaky little bastard.

    1. don’t tell that to 2lolo, he got banned from the world’s only All You Can Eat Cock Buffet

    2. Well, if he can, then he, I and alot more should have been banned a long time ago.
      When I first started to visit this site it was the same. But no one talked like we’re doing right now. A few little conversations or an all out brawl, but no real seriousness.
      Most of us make a comment and then check back to see if there are any responses. Some get pissed if they get a response (especially negative) and some get pissed even if it’s just a positive or neutral because they don’t like the person that commented. It’s all the old caveman pecking order bullshit.

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