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  1. YES FRED, We know it wasn’t you….. If it was a man who got raped at a bathroom stall.. We all know it was you…. With all the CUM and Shit you left on his dick……

    1. These fantasies of this here “2lolo” personality are just too disturbing. Where’s the Suck-Us-All personality? It was much more fun.

    1. Makes sense now. Arkansas. No eskimoes in AR that i’m aware of.

      Did they mean LOLO fail, not YOLO?
      What does either mean, btw. You seem to be man o’ the world.

  2. Red Mohawk, Black Pentagram gauges, viper piercings. At a Motorhead concert? seriously?
    I think it may’ve been a Duran Duran concert instead….

  3. Their union shall give birth to the one true leader that shall unite the world… Nah, it’ll just be another uneducated, crackhead, that makes fries at Wendy’s.

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