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    1. These are very weak fails. C’Mon EPICFail. wtf is wrong with you guys? If they can’t find a fail they add a win. Man, this site Really sucks ass.

    2. I think the Liberal fuckwits are taking over this site like they have NPR. If the Republicans had kept their mouths shut.

    1. this Kaitie person probably has sharpie brows herself and can’t understand what the big deal is. look again, one brow goes further inward than the other. they’re asymmetrical.
      and she calls YOU a dumbass. typical brow-beating.

    1. could be. but maybe my eyebrows aren’t angry enough. I’ll wax ’em off and draw on some rage brows.

    1. Quit being so fucking jealous of everybody that speaks to me! You’re not ever gonna talk me into going out to Vegas, anyway.

  1. Assuming her lips are real and she didn’t just draw them in, she would actually be gorgeous if she didn’t fill in her eyebrows and if her lashes weren’t clumped. Other than that she would be really pretty.

  2. The crazy eyebrows make her look cross-eyed.

    Anyone who thinks that those frightening things are a minor imperfection are insane. She’d be better off to completely shave them off and just draw them on for a while.

  3. This doesn’t seem like a fail to me. Yeah the eyebrows are mediocre and I don’t know about you guys but I would bag this chick at any f’n time.

    1. Well, yeah, I never said I wouldn’t fuck her. But can’t you just join in and “act” like you wouldn’t fuck her, like the rest of the guys here? Duh!

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