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  1. :3 Taking up this space so no one gets to say first or first to say first since I just said it 3 times in my sentence

    1. Lazy not allowed here.
      throw a Chris Brown in there too if you don’t mind. Don’t hold back.

  2. person filming must’ve been drunk too. either that, or they were the director on original Batman TV series.
    btw, nosebleed was from all the coke.

    1. -yawn- you’re trying too hard. go back to posting garbage on this site, you’re doing a fine job so far 😉

  3. Autumn O’Blow-Job, How have you been? Still smoking CRACK? Please stop.. What will your mother and father say when they find out your a CRACK WHORE???

    1. Doing good. thanks for your concern. The crack is only to take the “edge” off the Meth. The folks are ok with it as long as I stay around the house. That way, they at least know where I’m at.

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