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  1. I’d make a smart-ass comment (like we’re supposed too) but I’m asceered somebody might say “oh, that’s just like my baby” or “he’s just being a kid” or “that’s my baby and the pic was taken off my FB page”
    Was that a smart-ass comment anyway? ? ?

    1. you’re already known as a smartass, so it doesn’t matter what you say or don’t say. shame on you by default.

  2. Should be feeding fail and bib fail. No food on the spoon and runways are numbered between 0-360 because it tells you what the runway direction is. 360=N 90=E 180=S 270=W

  3. FAIL because runway numbers only go up to 36. Otherwise a big WIN.

    And it looks like there is some sort of paste in the spoon. Vegemite?

  4. Actually that how Islamic Countries train their babys,only instead of airport runways they change it for…..damn! I thonk you’ll figure that one later!

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