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  1. I dont see the fail… this little shit was prolly throwing a tempertantrum and your suppose to ignore the little bastard when they do that not be like most stupid parents and be all nice to them and give them what they want

  2. FRED, A bottom feeder is better than a “SISSY CUNT”!!! I never BACK DOWN, NOT LIKE YOU FRED!!!! WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO KICK MY ASS???? Please stop talking!!!! I’M HERE……

    1. It does seem to be having quite a problem getting your name right. eventually though. give it time.

    2. He should be able to spell cunt correctly, since he sees one every time he looks in the mirror.
      2lolo: “Mommy? Why does my face look like this?”
      His mom: “Because you have a cuntface.”
      2lolo: What’s a cuntface?
      His mom: “It’s a face that looks like a cunt.”
      2lolo: “What is a cunt?”
      His mom: “It’s something that looks like your face. Just look it up on the computer that I bought for you so that I wouldn’t have to have these stupid fucking conversations with you.”
      2lolo: “Okay, Mommy.”

  3. That’s terrible. She such a huge parenting fail. I always hated those things they were so freaking stupid. They were so gay.

    1. Unfortunately, anyone within earshot has to listen to it, too. She needs a soundproof, echo box, so she can put her bundle of joy in it. Maybe if the little dear could hear herself screaming, she’ll shut the f u c k up.

    2. me – “I take it you don’t children. They love to explore and run away and play. For the child’s age in the picture, I take it that the leash is a necessity.”

  4. There’s no fail here. The child is clearly having a tantrum and the mom is just waiting it out. Stuff like this makes me crazy because no matter what we do as parents there is always some arsehole with a cell phone taking pictures, uploading to the internet for the whole world to judge – OUT OF CONTEXT!!!

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