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  1. Some bangs (large forehead) and some self-confidence wouldn’t hurt her. With that, she could lose a few pounds and become another useless member of society.

    1. Dude, she is like 13. Why would you suggest that she loses a few pounds?
      And if she’s not 13 then she is one ugly midget.

    2. If she’s 13, then I’m guessing she is on her way to High school. If that’s the case, then that bitch better lose MORE than a few pounds. I swear my heart is in the right place.

    3. You guys r retards! She is going thru puberty u jackasses. She’s gonna grow up to be one full hottie when she loses her acne n she starts using make up. Ximenez why don’t u post ur pic on epic fail so we can all make fun of you.

    1. LOL- And here I was getting ready to make a “Brule’s Rules” comment… damn you sir, damn you!!

  2. Jesus, how does the government let some people reproduce… it’s like allowing two lesbians to have a kid. the kid suffers so much in school and life. Lets be honest being fat or fugly is no good for any one these days…LMFAO

  3. FRED, I’m very happy for you. 2 in a roll with your own comments go for the Gold FRED…. Make it 3 comments…..

    1. 2 in a ROLL? ? ? ?
      eggroll? dinner roll? cinammon roll? rock n roll? stop, drop, and roll?

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