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    1. yeah, but to get to her you need to start nailing the daughter. I’ve seen enough porn to know how it works. Slutty Milves hate it when you’re nailing their slutty daughters without their permission.

    2. The most important, and clearly overlooked aspect of Mr. Food Rapist’s comment, is his/her use of the plural form of milf. Milves. Ingenius.

    3. FOOD RAPIST, If you do find this girl, what can you do??? To find your cock she must search all the rolls of fat……

    4. Is anyone else questioning the existence of 2lolo of not being human but a robot operated by some crazed aliens who think they can take over the earth by annoying us? Truth is… it’s working.

    5. STOP BEGGING FOOD RAPIST, Someday you will meet a girl and with all the porn….. You just might get it right…….

    1. DAMN LETS GO TO CHINA … i will rape everyday anything i see granny’s mommy’s kids … HEAVEN !

  1. that little slut need a tons of beating … but she is right for herself … she discovered the weakness of the man early but in hers favor.

    1. these days, having a baby at 16 means you can be famous on any given MTV show (teen mom, 16 and pregnant etc.) and what kid doesn’t want to be famous?

  2. Ahh the youth. If she is 15 lets move the clock forward 15 years and use science to predict her future. She will be madly overweight but still wearing clothes she had at 15. She will be living in a trailer park in Alabama with 7 kids. Her and her husband Bubba Ray will have no jobs and won’t be wasting their time trying to find one. She will spend her welfare checks on beer and chewing tobacco and scream loudly at the kids playing outside from her couch because she is too lazy to get up. And people who work for a living will be paying for this all!
    Can’t argue with proven science people. USA welfare…Screwing those who work so rednecks and crackheads don’t have to.

  3. @FRED, I seen your show last night…. WOW!!! I can’t believed when you “BACK-UP” and took the DONKEY COCK all away up your ASS-O….. And when you suck the Donkey Cock and SWALLOW all the Donkey Juice…… I’ll be back tonight and taking some pictures….

    1. You’re calling him messed up yet you say you watched the whole thing happen and not only that, you’re going to return to take pictures. Please for the love of God do not tell us what you’re going to do with them when you go home.

  4. Actually, she does have a point there… If her mother was a slut, what could she expect?
    Don’t know where is she from – but 15 is the legal age in most European countries, so basically, she can have sex with whoever she wants if the slutty image suits her.

    Of course she’s too young to be a slut, but sadly, that’s how things are these days…

  5. A girl who thinks that being a slut is cool, she wants to become one.
    But does she really think that her baby sister should be pregnant too because her mom and step dad were having sex all through pregnancy?

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