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    1. She strives to be darker, hates black guys, and hunts on eharmony for a big black rod. Typical Uhmerican: contradiction. And they know not what they do.

    1. I bet that she is “All gut and no butt!!” I like the boobs , but that gut and that weird eye tan thing = too much!!

    1. If it was a raccoon, and Ian was involved, it would be a fucked up video on efukt. “Jus’ sayin”.

    1. @Fellow Failure, I was Fucking your Sister last night.. She is good in Blow-jobs but her pussy smell like a week old fish….

    2. That wasnt my sister you dumb ass! I dont know why you would think my sister is a sheep… dirty sheep fucker you

    3. 2lolo you must have had a lot of bad sexual experiences seeing as you think every woman’s ….. Smells like fish. I feel bad for you. Someday you’ll get someone clean I guess

    4. Mara, check my little scenario I posted on the last Parenting Fail, with the women shopping for clothes detergent.

    1. Yeah, we know the shirt says pink. But due to her fat/tits combo, it now says “oink”. Don’t you hate it when you have to explain jokes to people?

    1. Uh…I’m white…my ass is brown. Maybe I don’t wipe properly. But my dick is darker, too. Uh…nevermind.

    1. Ha! We now know he’d appreciate one of those cheap rhinestone stud kits for his next Christmas present. And some generic macaroni noodles.

  1. There is a customer that comes into my work who has the same eye thing going for her. She’s not as dark as the lady in the picture, but damn. It was weird.

    1. Did you really need to share that info? The idiots above you were talking about sucking each others dicks.. Stick to the topic

  2. If she wants a cheaper alternative to the tanning products, I believe smearing herself in marmite would do. Or bovril if you’re hard up.

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