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    1. Sorry Sir but this establishment requires you to have a sense of humour. I will be asking you to leave now.

  1. he is cool but in the movie … in real life if you see someone to wear cloths “Indiana Jones” style, in your mind automatically pass the word weirdo … and its true, only weirdo will go on the street dressed as Indiana Jones, the whole point is FAGS carry satchel

  2. ^^^^^ I agree with BONZO3 i know a dude who dressed like that, FREAK/ WERIDO…
    Not saying you BF is a …..WEIRDO

    1. I got hammers, chisels, screwdrivers, crowbars…ya know…the usual amateur gynecologist’s kit stuff.

  3. Didn’t we agree to ban these phony text message conversation fails and “wins”? What’s this comment section for then? Why are we all here? What’s this all about?

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