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    1. @Food Rapist, Still Begging…. Get out and meet some people….. Most of all STOP FEEDING YOUR FACE!!!!!!! OINK!!!! OINK!!!!!

    2. Though the clown girl is cute, that look is a crap. By the way, did anyone else notice the red glowing eyes?

  1. POOR. MARA, till trying to hang-out with the beautiful girls.. Maybe it’s your pussy.. Smell like a week old fish… try ENEMA with a case of beer……

  2. You guys really have nothing else to do besides comment on pictures and judge other people. These girls are ALL gorgeous, and who is to say how to do makeup? Creativity is what separates people in this boring ass world, whoever made this picture must be really bored to creep pics and then post a judgement about it… maybe try doing something productive?

    1. How about trying something other than being what you aren’t? How about appreciating yourself for who you are? How about some self-respect? So what the girl on the left made a bad choice, right? What about the two with the fake-ass tan? Why can’t white girls appreciate their skin color- not to mention that there’s a consensus on the perspective on fake tans… only idiots do them!! Why would you think it takes my whole day to write this comment?? Anyone can write this comment, dumbass!!! The concept of makeup is generated by the public (just like politics). Why dress up like something if no one is going to like it? Makeup is a lot less creative than you think… just like music, art, television , fashion, and every other medium in which you might consider yourself “creative”. You, however, are very special, just like everyone else. Get over yourself. By the way, even though you think this took me all day to write, I think you are a lame-ass loser. How’s that for being a bored creep? Even though you’ll never read this, you’re still a ho.

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