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  1. gotta give the dad a pat on the back for not doing it himself.. and getting her to do on the dads part..

    1. Well for one. The kid is just throwing a hissy fit, it’s nothing new. If you had the slightest bit of common sense, good ma’am. You would have understood that.

    1. Yea…….kids nowadays ,they’re smarter than average, trust me, they know how to make you believe things, and they know much more than you think they do…….SCARY!!!

  2. She’s a hermaphrodite, she’s an android. No wonder her mum pees in the sink. Lift a pony, that was fuckin awesome!

  3. It’s a girl thing, my daughter is the same way. Over emotional about everything! Not the parents fault although that behavior isn’t tolerated in any way in my house

  4. way to go, Dad! He handled that beautifully & she’s well aware that she lost that battle. He won, and oh, gee…he didn’t have to slap her or yell at her or in any way descend to the level of his little girl. By the way folks, she is a child. she is learning to control herself, and Daddy set a terrific example.

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