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  1. The biggest fail in this pic is the name on top. Now let’s let 2lolo, the food rapist n Fred have a kick out of this pic. Go ahead guys knock yourselfs out

    1. MARA, is that you in the next stall finger fucking yourself.. DAMN!! It is you, I can smell your dead fish pussy…

    2. I’m no food rapist, but I could definitely go for some “dead fish”. And thanks for letting me “knock myself out”, Mara. Your special.

  2. I don’t think mocking the stupid, is really fail. x] They are juat making fun of the dunb girls, that do this shit. If you ask me, I think this is a “Making fun of WIN”. Lol!

  3. Did this site just politically correct? Not that I’m complaining,… I love everybody. Except fat people….
    Back in the day there would be 14 racist comments instead of “they’re obviously making fun out of idiots who take photos like this one..not a fail”

    1. If you look at that word “change” for atleast thirty seconds it starts looking wierd. Its a weird word.

  4. This is an isolated incident. There is now crime against against nature taking place. Not even in their minds. They most certainly look like they’re on the downlow.

  5. Lmao i know these guys. they go to my school. they were making fun of the people who really take bathroom pics like that

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