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    1. Judging by the phone wrapper, I’m thiking it might be a girls phone, they can get laied when ever they dam whant…

  1. I do not think this is a fail. But then again, I am very easy to please and if my husband did this it would make my night. A+++++ for effort. C’mon guys. This is awesome. WIN

  2. That’s indeed an awesome date for youngsters nowadays….in his new song, Justin bieber should say ‘ say hello to Macdonalds4 inteaD of Falsetto. 😀

    1. mine … so what ? пилешкия бургер или пилешки сандвич каква е разликата ?

    2. I believe they are officially called “chicken burgers”, not “chicken sandwiches”.
      Because, you know, sandwich and hamburger are two different things, at least outside the USA.

  3. TBH, I wouldn’t mind this ‘romantic’ dinner at all!
    I love fast food and the candle picture shows (s)he actually cares! 😀

  4. I guess it was taken in Germany. The “chicken burgers” are wrapped like this and the table inside the train looks really familiar to me. You can buy 2 of these burgers for 2€ btw

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