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    1. Are you fucking kidding me the dude that said this comment used “doesn’t” wrong its don’t and really i don’t get what the big deal about using your and you’re is you’re is a conjunction of “you” and “are” its SLANG. you can’t use it in a college essay or really writing in general unless “you’re” quoting so i don’t see the big deal. to me its just a bunch of assholes trying to seem smart on the internet because they are stupid in real life.

    2. lmao, well mr. badger ur apparently the dumb one here, its called sarcasm sir…hence me TWO , i THREE , i’m all FOUR THAT , is our children learning…

    3. Stupid badger “your” is used to show that something belongs to you (as in your property) you’re is a conjuntion (not slang) of the two words you and are (as in you’re\you are stupid)

      slang is a made up word that has a meaning but no difinition exp:

      s’up, noob, milf

    4. duh i’m not american or english it’s not even my naive ehr negative no wait!!!……???
      native? well i’ll stick to that one
      not even my native language i flunked at english at school but even i the best moron or dumbass in this forsaken world read the sarcasm there you FRIGGIN dumbass

    5. Badger, You god damn stupid son of a bitch! – Frank Garrett

    6. lmao you guys do not know what you’re talking about in the least. Let me start with the blunt girl that has the nerve to talk shit to me when im the one defending dumb ass girls like her saying “ur” like at least spell the one out stupid and where the fuck did you get sarcaism from. Do you know what it is like shut the fuck up please.and now the asshole named “Me” you have no idea what you are talking about. Slang is not only words made up you dumb fuck. Slang is informal ways of using words. like if i say “you just suck cock for a living” im not saying that you suck a male bird but that you suck penis and if i call you “gay” i am not saying that you are happy but you take it up the ass. i know what im talking about you do not and another thing MILF is not slang its an acronym. you see each letter stands for something Mom I’d Like to Fuck and another thing there is no such thing as a word that has no definition if there is it not a word it is jibberish. Like what do you think Webster’s creates words and give them meaning. People give words meaning. and let me explain how they do it by using a word or saying in the same way or using it to convey the same message. anybody can make up a word and in a couple years it will be in websters. i know the difference between “your” and “you’re” i just dont really care how people use it espicially on the web. this is because when people type your i know they mean you’re. its just of all the dumb shit people do in this world all of you assholes really go hard for this. you should be mad if they actually use it in an essay they hand in to their teacher. like i said before the only time you’re should be used is if it is being quoted. like me give you an example. the origins of the word we all now and hate “quiz” was created when a guy on a bet tried to make a popular word within 48 hours. he did this by putting it on a bunch of walls. people started started talking about the strange word and then eventually it bacame part of the language. It use to mean “a strange person” but somehow change into what we know today as a test i too will try this in making a new word that describe all of you jack asses that think they are going to make me look stupid.hmmmmmmmm…….. it will be…..Flin. Flin is a word i have just created and it means trying to sounf smart when you are hust the opposite. you use it like this “BluntGirl, “Me” and the rest of their buddies thought they knew what they were talking about but instead made themselves out to be a real “flins” and i will make up one more word to describe the situation that you guys are now in and it will be Flong. and it is used like this “ObservantBadger really “flonged” the BluntGirl and her internet buddies by showing everyone how much of a flin they were. Good Day assholes

    7. That was quite a paragraph. I didn’t read it though. Gonna assume that it’s a lengthy apology for being a bit of a retard and missing the glaringly obveyus joke.

    8. Oh look me think we made shim cry and now shim’s calling us flin as if we are characters from the movie “Tron” as shim writes a paragraph full of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors making shim look like another 2lolo

  1. Observant Badger, you certainly missed a lot of commas in your response. Since you are the internet police, shouldn’t you lead by example? lmao.

  2. why need a spell check when you got grammar nazi’s..heey find my spellin mistakez plez mr g nazi i knoe ur watchin 😉

  3. BWA hahahahahahahaa that guy wrote a damn essay on hahahaha what a loser! HE prolly masterbates to this shi*.. HEs serious guys! hahahahahahhaa

  4. Observantbadger. With all due respect… isn’t this site supposed to make fun of people? If that makes you upset, then maybe (just maybe) you’re on the wrong place… ?
    And please don’t get mad at me total stranger. It would break my tiny heart…

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