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    1. TAP! IT’S TAP, YOU IGNORANT ASSHOLE! T-A-P! TAP! Quit saying tip! If you’re going to tip, then you’re going to give her a dollar. How old are you?

  1. Whats the fail part? is it photoshopped? seriously whats the fail part? its not a fail at all where im from.. brazil.

    1. Texas sweetheart. Head west ’till you hit bum fuck and continue 50 miles past egypt and Im on the right…

    2. No way! I pass through there about 4 times a year, I drive to GA to visit my sister! heehe

    3. Well, I guess I might have found a reason to stop in that state. (no offense) I usually flip on the radar detector and push the pedal to the floor through MS and AL…

    4. Well, I went to Athens last week and the troopers were on the warpath, so watch it the next time you’re coming thru. They’re trying hard.

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