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  1. What the frakk? who is the sorry ass homo who keeps posting these gay iphone text messages? got damn it! i’m thinking about going on a killing spree and if i do, and the cops catch me and ask me why? i’ll its because of these got damn epic fail postings!

  2. With my iPhone I can look at weird fetish porn and masturbate anywhere I like!! Except on the local buses. I’m no longer welcome there.

    1. NICKY, It not the “Weird TRANNY PORN” or Masturbating on the bus. It was when you took your hand out from your ass-o…. And didn’t wipe..

    2. How could I possibly have one hand up my ass, one hand on my micro-penis and one hand navigating midget porn sites on my iPhone??? Seriously, if you figure it out, I’d love to know.

    3. you guys seem to be having a homosexual convosation over here hmmmmmmmm…….. Ian your named after a fat loser

  3. That guy’s clever plan seems to have backfired on him. hmmmmmmm….. very interesting how women seem to be more clever with their comebacks nowadays

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