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  1. I think you girls need to shut the fuck up cause you’re fucking ugly! That shit needs to be put in an incinerator!

  2. Are their egos really big enough that when they hear their own voices, their first reaction is,

    “Hey, Maybe I should make a video for this.”

  3. WOW! THAT WAS A ABSOLUTE TRAIN WRECK! So bad I had to watch. I’m confounded, how can something so wrong exist in this universe? Wasn’t WW2 or 9-11 enough? Why God, WHY!!!?!!??

  4. the video is not awful, but yeah the music sucks and their singing is less bearable than water torture…

  5. I don’t know which part is a bigger fail…. The part that they sing like dying horses or that they aren’t hot… AT ALL.

  6. omg reallly ????? why do girls think they need to look like a barbie to be hot. n they aint no pretty girls so maybe they should shut there mouth

  7. Im not saying i wouldn’t bang them but it would be completely last resort and i’d be wasted…

  8. Mane i gotta listen ta ICP ta make tha head ache go away why do all preppy girls think that they are hot i dont get it :/ ?

  9. like my moms say.”girls who think they are hot most of the time are ugly and the hot ones think there lug but are not tell not.”

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