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    1. How do u know if they are actually against drinking while pregnant and doing something good ass hole

  1. this is for awareness against not drinking while pregnant. shes not actually drinking shes a actress. fucking people on the net are dumb. her mouth isn’t even open..

    1. Obviously….but dumb ass people will always not understand and make DUMB ass comments and assumtions!!!

  2. Well that’s bad, but then there’s over 700 thumbs up for
    “Shame they baby gone be stuid!”

    1. ya, i thought, she’s seriously gotta be making a joke or help me god she’s infertile.

    1. Can you read? If your dying brain cells can manage, look to the right of the photo and read. Sound it out slowly if you must.

  3. epic fail you just failed yourself.the pic is just raising awareness to pregnant drinkin.she aint even drinkin haha FAAAIIL

  4. Why do black men constantly try to be baby’s. Wearing diapers drinking out of bottles with rubber nipples. I found this site by a video with a black guy wearing diapers.

  5. It seems to be done on a joking manner, though not in great taste , still a joke nonetheless. Everyone settle the fuck down . .

  6. It’s not like the little monkey in her belly had any chance of doing anything with it’s life anyway; what’s the big deal?

    1. That’s not true. It could be put up for adoption and get parents who are geneticists and they could change its genes for it to have common sense, work ethic, respect, cleanliness, and a good vocabulary. But it will still be diseased because we can only change the genes of living things with viruses as far as I know =(

    2. It’s sad people Acually think like this.. Your pathetic and your parents that raised you can suck my big fat black dick

    1. Really? Well u can suck my big fat black dick too 🙂 its bigger than yours cuz you know us blacks have the biggest dick, choke on that 🙂

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