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    1. tf is the matter w/u?
      1 she’s clearly moving her limbs after the crash
      2 the story in ur link is completely unrelated.

    1. I saw this on another site and it said that she had broken her neck. So, she could be paralyzed.

    2. Oh, that goes without saying. Do you think there’s a chance in Hell that this girl is going to take responsibility for her own stupid fuckup?

    3. Well, I don’t know about you, me, but I didn’t get to be 87 and still molesting Asian teen girls by being stupid and dangerous! I practice safe slip-n-slides!

    4. I’m in china no need to be safe just stick with the young ones

      best part is no fear of getting them pregnant

    5. I can get you both i know a whore house real close to the school

      if you don’t wanna pay for it you just have to date one (they don’t know what rape is they think it means you love them)

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