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    1. is a crack babie! I seen this kinda things mostly in black neighborhood’S..guess this one hails from the white trash tribe

  1. It´s still a parents fail. There should be a protecting hand if the baby should lose the grip and wacks it head on the floor.

    1. you damn helicopter parents are fucting up your kids by coddling them, they need some independence this kid is going to grow up and move out because he was raised correctly. those of you that would hover as the kid does this or stop the kid are raising yourselves 40 year old virgins that live in your basement

  2. poor kid just let him watch jungle book AND UNSTRAP THAT CHAIR DAMMIT!! didnt louie also taught mowgli how to do that

  3. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the reincarnation of my friend and yours, Hercules. May the gods have mercy on those dogs.

  4. Adorable, but as a parent I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time thinking “damnit, at least have your hands ready in case he slips and falls!”

  5. You know what? You parents all crying foul over the idea of a kid possibly hurting himself are such pussies. Believe it or not, kids hurt themselves many, many times growing up. It’s part of the learning process. You act like a few bumps and bruises are the end of the world for a kid. Ask your own parents how many times you bumped your little heads as kids. You’ll be stunned.

    1. yeh, theres knocks and bruises but there will be more then that if he fell and smacked his head on the computer chair which is probably made out of metal

    2. it’s clearly a carpeted room and a polypropylene desk chair, the only danger to this kid is the highly unlikely event of the dog going crazy and attacking him

      btw bob you should’ve used than not then just a little fyi

  6. That videoas about 60 seconds too long. I was thinking he was going to pull himself all the way up on the table, but the first 10 seconds of the video just repeated itself again and again.

  7. Honestly, I don’t have anything against babies or kids… But my first thought when I saw this, was if the baby was even real. It looks extremely creepy to me. Kinda like the physical apperarence of a few months year old, with the size and behavior of a 1½ year old. It’s scary to me!

    1. It’s true, babies that are unusually strong tend to start walking proficiently before their first birthday, giving them more time to explore and learn.

  8. He doesn’t have good form at all. He is barely making most of the reps fully. He needs to go back to pushups before he makes a bigger fool of himself with those sissy pullups!

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