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  1. The second guy to the left. He’s got some santorum leaking into his underwear, hence the facial expression. I think fried chicken oughta make it. Somebody’s gonna disappear into Megan’s Foxhole one day, good riddance! I really think lesbianism is for the strong and proud, so correct me if I’m wrong but that’s why we have some super-fried eggs. Yeah, that’s what he is, a fuckin android, he’s a lesbian. The sword of Damocles is soon to fall and henceforth thy muddy temper shall vanquish the meek.

    1. Ian seems serious about his quest to show everyone what a fag he is hmmmmmmmmmmmm……… Ian chokes on cum

    2. Is that true Ian? Do you choke on cum? Practice makes perfect. You should ask 2lolo for some pointers.

  2. Maybe he misunderstood “beer makes any girl attractive” and was trying to do her a favour. That was no accident.

    1. I’m Sorry but I don’t think “Beer” will help MARA!!!
      Nothing is this world help help MARA FACE…

    2. I’m a little disappointed 2lolo. A few weeks back I had high hopes for you and Mara getting together. Suppose there’s a fine line between love and hate.

    3. I’ve been thinking some of my charisma would rub off on him, but it’s quite plain he has ADHD.

    4. I’d probably diagnose the little scamp with attention deficit disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (of a sexual nature… particularly things going into or coming out of asses) and the homosexuality anxiety that often accompanies it. Not to forget the obvious mental retardation/ severe developmental disability (LFDD most likely)/ possible Aspergers. He’s quite a catch.

    5. 2lolo learn how to read and write and then maybe someday I’ll be offended by your insults, but in the meantime I’ll just keep laughing at your stupidity.

    6. They let you out of rehab Nicky? Or did u finally pay your internet bill?…… And me and Fred n i have tried to educate our pal 2lolo, but as u can see no progress has been made

    7. Oh no I think 2lolo’ s lack of grammar skills r rubbing off on me, I meant to say me n Fred. God help me please

    8. Mara, when you say “Hello, Fred”, it sounds so sexy.
      I want to have children by you.
      Will you be my “friend”?

    9. I am your friend, Mara, but, please, I need more. Dirty, stinky underwear, perhaps? Please? Just indulge me a little bit? Sweety? Honey? Darling?
      If not, it’s okay. I understand. I should be saving myself. Sorry. We should all “save” ourselves for that unexpected “someone”.
      Sorry, Mara. I guess I’m just an asshole for trying…

    10. Mara, I am playing, but you do seem sexy. I’ll bet you look real good. I’ll be nicer if we can talk more intimate. But you just want to be friends. So, it’s okay.

    11. No!!! I will not kick Nicky ass… cause Nicky is OK…

      But I’ll be happy to have you in a cage with me….

  3. @FRED do you “really” think beer can help your face??? If so, next time I go drinking.. I’ll piss in a bag for you….. So you can wash your face…..

    1. Oh, sorry. Could we indulge you in more intellectual comments? Or were you expecting more LOLs, LMAOs, and other GTFO type internet bullshit?
      Sorry. We didn’t mean to displease.

  4. BTW: This shit ain’t funny, ya’ll. Pouring beer in peoples eyes can cause wasted beer.
    Just thought I’d diss this before some fuckwit with no sense of humor and had salt in his/her vagina, did. Sorry.

    1. It’s not “ya’ll”, it’s “yaaa’ll”. And your left upper lip should elevate a notch when you say it. Or type it.

    2. And you have to talk out of the side of your mouth like you’ve got a big wad of tobacco on the other side. Tobacco chewers teach how to talk, yaa’ll know.

    3. Exactly. Plus say it as loud as you can, as though you’re saying something really important, like “I’ll catcha laterz yaaa’ll!”

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