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    1. YES FRED WE Know…. Hand out Condoms before any man enter your man-hole… Damn!!! I forgot you can’t SWALLOW if they have a Condom on.

    1. @mara go buy and american car you piece of shit and not a jap car so fuck you and your honda piece of shit

    2. Someone’s having a bad day. R u jealous cus I have a 2011 Honda pilot or cus ur piece of crap American car keeps breaking down on you. I’ll keep u in mind when I’m cruising on my way to the beach.

  1. @MARA, You should be ASHME of yourself!!! Every time you’re at the beach, People are calling SAVE the WHALE……..

    1. what the hell is ashme? is that when you cover someone in volcanic ash?

      go back to north korea you pansy

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