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  1. impressive ..SURE! but if that gun was loaded with bullets he would have been hit. because if it was a real clip full of bullets and the guy pulled it back. mean even if he hit the clip release . a bullet would have been loaded into the chamber already. good defense against not loaded weapons.ROFL

  2. Right hand to the wrist, left hand to the barrel. This draws the barrel of the gun across the defenders body as the defender is removing it from the hand of the attacker. What if the left hand went to the wrist, and the right hand to the barrel?

  3. I prefer the ‘soil yourself and cry’ defensive strategy… 60% of the time, it works every time. Curling up in a foetal position is also highly effective.

    1. I used to cast defensive spells with my Harry Potter wand. Now I never leave the house without my trusty lightsaber!

    2. I would pay to see someone shout “expelliarmus!” whilst waving a wand at an armed criminal.

    1. Nicky I know you’re freshly back at EpicFail. Congrats… but, uhmmm.. you may want to pace yourself? Too much Nicky can be toxic. 😉

  4. In real life the black kid would have without warning shot you first…taken 3 dollars and your Iphone all just for fun.
    Your nifty little Ninja move would all be for moot.

  5. I don’t understand why people add slowmo repeats to crap videos, yet when one surfaces which is truly deserving of a slowmo replay, it doesn’t get one.


  6. Well, I actually prefer the Krav Maga way which means grabbing the gun and KICKIN THE MOTHERFUCKER IN THE BALLS UNTIL HE SQUEALS LIKE A CASTRATED PIG… oh yeah… but that’s just my opinion

    1. Yes. yes.

      We are all impressed by your internet tough guy speech.

      I’m sure you’re so wicked sweet you would melt the gun with awesome while having sex with many a lady.

  7. At least the attempt of such action will bring your odds of survival down to a 50 50 chance where as not taking that chance will be a certain death also in that movement by an amateur its probably a closer chance of certain death from the gun discharging within the action itself,but the way this profesional defender

  8. This is all if the robber is at point blank range. Anywhere else and your screwed. Also dont forget that blacks are cowards so they stick in groups.

  9. This works great with robbers that will let you move their arm around and position the gun at the perfect exact level you are most comfortable doing this, tell them to wait and bam!

  10. Because only a moron would put a gun that close to your face. People like that should be tortured before being crushed by a ton of feces.

  11. that is stupid … will never work in the real world unless some1 thought his gun is a knife and got that close to you… my advice is when u see some1 with a gun give him everything maybe u`ll might just live 🙂

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