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    1. Don’t even try it Mara. You got mudflaps that a truck driver would envy. Probably have “Keep On Trucking” tattooed on one and Yosemite Sam “Back Off” on the other.

    2. you know they got mudflaps in the walmart as well and they’re next to the radio wall, so you can beatoff to the beat.

    3. Yeah, but Walmart has the old dykey wommen that get all pissed when you ask about where their “mudflaps” are. And they get even more pissed when you ask if they can turn on some Marvin Gaye “Sexual Healin'”for ya. What is up with them old bitches?

    4. Well, CookieMonster, it differs because of…uh…well, uh…I guess I see your point. Nevermind.

    1. Mara, is it normal for the inner labia minora to be really large? I was just wondering if I liked the “normal” woman or the “abnormal” one. I think I like the ones that are large and sagging. Seems there’s more to play with. I guess it’s just me. I usually like abnormal stuff. “Just Sayin”.
      BTW: Those big clitoriseseses are fun too.

    1. Fred and Mara
      Sittin’ in a tree
      Tree split
      Mara shit
      Fred didn’t git
      But a little bit!

  1. People like this are the reason we’re failing behind the rest of the world. Her mom must be bored out like a Chevy big block…

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