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    1. Agree. There’s definitely a party going on here! Where’s that guy’s(on the right) fingers going. Hmmmmm

  1. Hmmmm not sure what to laugh at more Shamu getting some im assuming much needed TLC orrrrr The Red Head getting her poop shoot fingered hahahahah

    1. She is the only one who’s face you can see… You can’t possibly now that she is the hottest!

  2. The guy in the fucked up clothes and giving that bitch a starchy hook finger is totally my ex brother in-law James Moore

  3. His legs are the color of an oompa loompa! Wtf?! Everybody in this picture needs to go home and take a good look at themselves in a mirror.

  4. Those legs look photo shopped in WTF??? Bruises or dirt on the other ones knees is a very indicative sign not to kiss her if you haven’t had a BJ from her!

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