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    1. You are a fuckin tool douchebag! I naturally select you to suck on a turd until its sharp and pointy and stab yourself with it. Fuckstick!

    2. I agree, however using the name “Rocky” means you should also be dead. 😉 and I AM a hater =D

    3. Looks like he’s got enough gumption to tell natural selection to lodge itself in your arse. But it looks like you’ve already leased out that part of your anatomy.

  1. Bad mother fucker!!! Now this is how you should spend your time if you are disabled……. Not sat watching Jeremy Kyle

  2. His name is Cornel Hrisca … i donno why but i think he is romanian .. he have romanian name !! anyways i take a bow in front of you !!

  3. Is it wrong that I really want to see him do this whilst wearing a seal costume? I think it’d be adorable. Also can’t help but wonder how he masturbates…

  4. There are so many of us so call perfectly fine and complete not able to do a damn productive thing or learn a freaking chore, and he is this guys rocking the hell of this drums with no hands. He is teaching a lot of lazy mofos a good lesson.

  5. Not to take anything away from him but I would like to hear what his drumming actually sounds like when it’s not drowned out by the cover music blasting in the background. Looks like he missed quite a few beats to me.

  6. Okay he can drum, but not on hes own.. He need hes mom to strap those sticks on to him, so.. oh dear i feel evil.

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