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  1. the lights are for pulling you over the sirens are to alert everyone to the fact that you’re getting pulled over

    although as toward the blind driving thing go to a drive up ATM and you’ll notice they have Brail on them so maybe there are some blind drivers since there are blind mountain bikers(look it up)

    1. I have multiple personalities. I go into my deaf personality when I have to be around shit talking fuckheads. I go blind when I have to “deal” with ugly chicks. So far I’ve been able to keep my bird-flipping “FUCK YOU” personality on while driving.

    2. seriously, i was on the road late one night after a long day, and i never saw the lights (i was asleep at the wheel). when i heard the sirens, i woke up. the cop was shocked that i thanked him for giving me a ticket. he saved my life that night. (true story).

  2. I would like to point out that the guy is sitting in an Australian built Ford falcon, so therefore he is actually sitting in the passenger seat.

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