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    1. that was a man… 26 y old. confused btw the subway entrance and an underground parking lot.

      the question is : how such a moron could afford this kind of car at only 26 ?

    1. Probably trying to find his way across the channel and into England, where he can import some captive girls and open a brothel. Living the Eastern European dream.

    1. That’s in France, paris! Knew it! DANG! Damn froggies, their food is fine but their driving skills…not that fine.

    2. @ britishgirl
      There’s no need to generalize what happens to one French person (and makes him a bad driver) to all French…
      Everywhere, there are good drivers and bad drivers. Just depends of what is shown to have a global (and maybe false) idea.

  1. So i know the story. It’s in Paris(France) a Man thought it was the entry of a Parking, but obviously he was wrong. And he pass the day in the police station to convince the policeman, it was a mistake, not an act of vandalism

  2. I’m a parisian girl and I can tell you what happened; they showed this in news. The guy thought it was a carpark entrance…

  3. Faut être un/une pt de débile pour acheter ce genre de bagnole de roumain.
    Pas étaonnat qu’il/elle confonde un parking et une bouche de métro….

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