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    1. Yeah, I tried the protein shakes one time and it seemed my face started bloating up. Screw that. I still have some guys that try to tell me that’s the way to go so as to “bulk” up. I don’t want to “bulk” up. I just want to stay fit. I hate these gym retards.

    2. The onnly way to gain a body like that is either a lifetime of training which is to late for us or anabolic steroids which i don’t know about you but i wanna keep my 7inches and ability to produce working sperm

    3. I don’t even want to look like these retards that use all that shit. If that’s what it takes to get a girl, then you need to work on something else. You got issues if that’s what you gotta do, IMO.

    4. Yeah, when I was in Thailand it was the same for me. They think we’re the shit. HA! Just goes to show what shitty judges of character they are.

    5. I’ll be there in a couple of weeks, Vietnam & Cambodia too, I’ll let you know how low their standards are Fred. 🙂

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