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    1. So did I, it would have been better if it went for a little longer though. Maybe the guy got up and stepped in front of a bus, no that would be funny!!

    2. “i liked when the car bounced as it ran him over”
      I hope it was front wheel drive and he spun the wheels a couple of times.

    3. Why do they always leave the best part out? I like to think he backed that bitch up, bounced back over him, got out and kicked him a couple of times for his trouble. 🙂

    1. Your words are full of wisdom. I’m drunk right now and I managed to get home without trying to take a car out with my barehands and write without typos (I guess). See you all, I’m going to sleep :P.

    1. for real, don’t run them over with the car. handle it like a man not a scared woman.
      this is actually a very disturbing video, who here hasn’t been fucked up doing stupid shit like these two europeans?

    2. this is the effect of legal alcohol if they would smoke some illegal herb… everything would be fine 🙂

    3. i would beat the shit out of the 2 fuckers… after i ran them over with the car..i say they need to learn to respect. i woud take a knife and carv samething on their faces…

    4. A drunk guy kick my car once. I followed him down the street to an alley then beat the shit out of him until he started crying. Every time I see that dent in my car I smile because I know I fucked him up more then he did to my car.

    1. fuck that shit…americans are the fuckin commies. i say the majority of the americans are stupid as fuck. i`m talking about the u.s.a. 2lolo u need to learn that it doesn`t matter where you`re from ,but what u do.IF U WANT RESPECT, U NEED TO LEARN TO RESPECT, FUCKER.

    2. DEAR “EU”, If not for America, You and your Country who be specking RUSSIAN….. You people in EUROPE can’t live without Americans Help…….. “EU” come to America and LICK FRED ASS…

    3. @fred. I love how you stereotype all Americans like we were all raised in some backwoods Arkansas hollar. For someone who touts himself as ‘intelligent’ you do hold a lot of predjudice.

    4. It’s not prejudice. It’s a problem I have with all my neighbors having a lack of HUMILITY! Whenever I say, “Uhmerica”, they get pissed and I’m always assured a “Fuck you! If you don’t like Uhmerica, why don’t you just leave, mutha fucker!” rant.
      I find it funny that while people from other countries can take criticism with a grain of salt, Uhmericans get belligerent and start “defending” Uhmerica and their countrymen.
      I spent my time in the military, so I feel I have the “right” to criticize my great country. Fucking look it up! It’s called, “Free Fucking Speech”. It’s that stupid shit that Uhmericans love to exhibit so shamelessly and and use to talk shit about other countries.
      And I never even insinuated that I was “intelligent”. Just that I’m cute and have a nice ass.
      Now, how do you like them fucking mangos?

    5. dear 2lolo, i don`t give a fuck about fred or u…i imagine u 2 being 2 sad fat fucks. don`t care. the main ideea is that epic fail is based on americans. americans are fuckin stupid. u just make it easy to prove a point. u don`t know what country i`m from and i don`t think it`s relevant…i don`t speak russian. but i could kill u. it`s funny how the stupid americans think they are the center of the globe..bitches u ain`t shit. u sad fuck don`t have any ideea what`s going on with u or your country. everybody hates u. bitches. that`s a fuckin fact. keep on trolin bitches

    6. EU you sound just as retarded as 2lolo. I hope you come to realise this. To disrespect america then say where you come from is not relevant is a pussy move. Spit it out and man up bitch.

    7. See? People are tired of the stereotypical fuckwitted attitudes of Uhmericans.
      I’m only stating the facts and that the Uhmerican attitude WILL fucking change and most of us are not gonna like having to perform that change. Nevertheless, it will have to happen.

    8. Relax E.U. Take a chill pill. It’s not that serious. Come over here and we’ll show you a good time, and you will see that there is no need to be so angry all the time. Life is only one buddy, embrace it, because after you die, you only take your memories with you, and there is no coming back.

    9. why the fuck would i tell u where i`m from ? :)) i didn`t disrespect america…i just said that the majority of the americans are fuckin retarded..maybe i am too 😉 i just drank a shit load of alcohol 🙂 and needed to cool off… i`m not from russia i can tell u that much 😉

    10. @ mara…u`re right 🙂 but i like to thing that if u like..u can come back after u die. and start over untill u learn something from this human life. as a new born that is. 1love.

    11. Cheers, EU.
      As I’ve heard some Aussies say, “No worries, mate!”
      Let’s drink to “Globalization”! And its inevitable capitalistic problems!

    12. Mara, I’m over here and you haven’t shown me a good time yet! What the fuck is up with that shit? Where are those mudflaps I requested?

    13. Well, EU, I agree, fuck globalization, but it’s upon us whether we like it or not. The 1 percenters can’t realize that when a game of Monopoly is over, it’s all over.

    14. Lol, Fred I can’t show you something I dont have. R u saying mate to him cause he’s a pirate?

    15. @ the canadian…why the fuck are u so curious ? u`r from canada i suppose..and i couldn`t care less

    16. Lol whooa bud…you said “eu” means “me” in your native language. I chilled with a brazilian chick for a while and I picked a bit of portuguese up. It was a question man…chill.

    17. it was a qwestion that u asked before and i answered that i don`t want to say where i`m from…and u still insisted. U WILL NEVER KNOW WHERE I`M FROM CANADIAN :p muhahahaaaa

  1. i love the fact that the fucker predicted that he would be runned over..when he froze. he didn`t escape from that..:)

  2. We should all be so much of a fail to be drunk at 2 pm. we should all be drunk 24 hours a day no sleep YEAS!

  3. Huge props for running that little prick over, hes bound to never forget the price of his stupidity. I would prefer to just hop out and start swinging though, those clowns looked too drunk to fight, so it should be an easy day.

  4. So let me get this straight it’s a fail that two guys get run over because they crossed the street with a group of other pedestrians?

    Were they dicks about almost getting hit by a negligible driver? Yes.

    Should he have run them over after they started acting like dicks? No.

    Should he have posted this video online so he hopefully gets caught and charged? Fuck yeah!

  5. Hopefully he didn’t kill him. Not worth taking his life so shit like this. He is going to get charged either way.

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