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    1. That’s why women should stick to their nasty ass winecoolers. Those fucking things should be bought just to be poured out.

    2. look at the bright side

      At least half of that beer is going down the other side of her arm onto their breast

    3. NOW!!! NOW!! FRED, if the girls was a TRANNY like you… You would be nice.. Without saying bad things..

  1. Totally staged. No accident. That beer’s just rolling off her arm like it’s been doing it for five seconds. The beer in the bottle is level with the ground. And they don’t look drunk. They look like, “it’s going to be soooo cool to post this to EPIC FAIL! We look cuuuute!”

    1. thats what i was thinking. everyone is talking about the beer but what creeps me out is the arm.

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