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    1. Her fat ass knows dam well that dress don’t fit!! That is disturbing!! That fat bitch is insane, because she really does believe that she looks good!!

    1. I am visualizing a burn mark gradually getting bigger.
      Oh, wait! I could be a brown mark. And in that case, it would probably come up very quickly.

  1. I can not stop thinking why these fat ppl think they look sos sexy in stretchy dress?! I am fat also but would never wear this or these kind of dresses.

  2. The stretchy skin tight material and the playboy bunny on the front… I don’t think she should be wearing white for her wedding….

  3. i can ignore the ill fitting dress, i may even be able to disregard the classlessness of the playboy bunny on her enormous gut, but a black bra hanging out from under the white dress…huge faux pas.

  4. What a fat nasty bitch…does she really think she is sexy? Someone needs to put a bag over that black bitches head…you are fuccking NASTY

  5. IAN !!!!! You Married FRED??? Wish you 2 a happy life.. As Man and SHIM….. FRED you look Hot in your WEDDING DRESS….
    You and FRED spending your HONEYMOON at MOTEL 6…

    1. That’s not a 20, that’s a 26/28. I bet the dress is a 18 stretch since she managed to squeeze into it anyway.

  6. this was the biggest size they had in a playboy wedding dress im assuming, yet she just still had to get it….lmao!

  7. What none of yall know is this beautiful young lady has lost over 175 lbs and still on her weight lost journey.Before yall are so quick to pass judgement,Im sure she look better than half of yall idiots on EF!!!She is a business owner making more money than yall assholes can probably count.She’s beautiful inside and out and probably gave to one of the charities that supports yall lowlife broke bitches!!She has a room in her house thats only foe her shoes another for her purses and tons of designer clothes. This dress was a weight lose goal that she has reached and she’s proud of it!! So FUCKOFF and whoever posted this pic up here you will get yours!!!

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