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  1. oh my god. her expression is priceless, got me laughing so hard that I had to go bathroom. *skating on butter sticks* shit shit shit, *eyes popping out* i am gonna fall!! *falls, gets up* Only if i know how to make that video repeat nonstop, I sure will be an bodybuilder.

    1. So true. She might have a butter face now, possibly making a lawsuit because she wants all butter to herself.

  2. Brilliant! A fantastic statement of how an older woman of color must tart herself up and try to be as sexy as possible, even though it is as difficult as dancing on butter. And as a metaphor of the woman as survivor: A testament to how she will face the adversity of falling into butter and, without altering behavior or medium, will rise, brush herself off, and continue… Oh, who the fuck am I kidding. Fat Asian Chick wears Spandex, Falls on Buttered Stage = Comedy ambrosia.

  3. That is perfectly good butter she is wasting!!…and why are they letting her fall like that if she’s pregnant?!

  4. HAHAHA THIS IS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST VIDEOS I’VE SEEN ON THIS SITE. Fat people falling down is always funny but when it happens over and over and over and over and over it just makes it for instant gold. Someone get this girl an oscar or something!! Bravo Bravo Encore!!

  5. Feminist performance art. Trying to be beautiful and dance gracefully on a stage made of butter. What she is doing is very weird, for sure. It’s how a performance artist would grab your attention. Like if she was just acting normally no one would even notice her. And you’re not going to understand any, “fine art,” if you don’t want to understand it. It requires intelligent analysis and critical insight into the world around you. I’m not saying people are stupid for not understanding, though I am saying it’s lazy to not try. To me it’s actually pretty obvious. Butter is associated with cooking, kitchens, domestic house hold. She is in a black short-skirt dress, all gussied up. Trying to dance in a sultry fashion… need I explain further? She appears to be expressing what she views as the humiliation of many women imprisoned by their domestic space, and gender roles. But she also shows perserverence because she keeps getting back up, and continuing to dance for her audience. Trying to be beautiful and graceful, but as time goes on, she is just further demeaned by her situation. Yet she continues on and on. The fact that this made it on epic fail actually further illustrates her point.

    1. Impressed that some one got it.

      Trying to fit in regardless of the cost to self.

      Falling and rising and falling again.

      At some point, I am hoping that she will walk away.

      It is pivotal piece for those that can see past their superficial evaluation of what a woman is.

    2. ok Bob and Molly, enlighten us further… If she had fallen and knocked herself out, would that have changed the whole meaning of the peice? How about if an arm was horribly disfigured? If she broke her hip and could never walk again, would that mean she was defeated by the MAN? Discuss…

  6. All I gotta say is: doesn’t she know that you don’t wear brown shoes with a black outfit? What was she thinking?

  7. This is actually kinda depressing to watch, their really is no doubt why the world will come to an end. We officially have no use as human beings any more.

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