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  1. Most sports car owners have an even smaller penis than I do. And this isn’t just speculation… I’ve checked.

    1. its come to my attention that you fucking fags have a problem with me let me tell you this if you have a problem with me or my sister(she helps me write the comments) hit us up at these fucking numbers 425 422 7778 alicia) and me at me janie at 425 330 6307) so i can curse you out in person Ian Nicky no name and ME. i dont care who the fuck you are i will find you and kick yo ass thats my qord

    2. So, TheObservantBadger, you live in Washington State. I used to live in Monroe, we are practically related.

    3. I have a problem with all retards. Meet me at the Hyde Park public toilets around 9pm on a Tuesday… cubicle 3. I’ll whistle the tune of Country Roads by John Denver, so you know it’s me. That’s your sister’s signal to man the glory-hole. Be there or be square.

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