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    1. Actually british english they use spelt where in american english we use spelled. just one of many occurrences in which British and Americans use different words/spellings

    2. not saying she is British just that British English spells it that way, she could be from an area in the USA with a large British influence or from a country that uses British English such as Cananadia or Austrailia

    3. Well, I’m not really sure. I was mainly interested in having sex with loads of different women. But, yeah! The money thing, right. Money’s good too.

    4. if you do in the name of religion you could pull tens of thousands from religous zealots(fancy way to say nuts/crazy people)

    5. No, no I think your on to something there. Sex is good. So we have sex and money, so now we just need some drugs and a little mind control and we’re in business.

    6. I know of some land for sale down in Guayana. We could move there and start farming. Just have to keep some guns ready for the busybody Representative visits.

    7. As far as I’m aware, if we have more than 12 people in our “cult/church” we can can claim all income tax free. We can buy up loads of land, pay no taxes, and have wild sex parties all in the name of religion.:)

    8. Well, it looks like we’ve got a quarter of that now. Let’s start studying the Great Jim Jones’ indoctrination techniques and get this going.

    9. You know if this here was a movie, now would be the point where the heroes start gathering the hotties under a “Bad to the bone” soundtrack. 🙂

    10. Can’t call it Fredstown, I saw a gay bar by that name

      but it all sounds good but we need a Charismatic person to get the naive virgin girls to join

  1. She goes to my school. She posted this on Facebook and I was shocked. She is most definitely not British; she is just extremely ignorant

    1. Didnn’t say she was British just said that is the British way of spelling spelled

      there are plenty of towns in the USA where there is a british population

    2. I’m pretty sure she does not reside in that area, me. She’s a dumb American in the sense that she spelled spelled spelt (nice, right?) in America and not The United Kingdom. I actually had no idea that spelt was acceptable elsewhere.

  2. this is from Australia, young kids use the word “retarded” a lot to refer to stupid, dumb, ignorant or simply uneducated people, such as loitering girl here.

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