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  1. This isn’t a fail anymore. Black people sit next to us all the time. No longer the back of the bus. Stop being racist epicfail.

    1. They werent talking about the fact that he’s sitting beside a black guy, they were talking about how the white man looks a fucking fool. Gosh dangit! Peopele need lives now-a-days!!!!!

    2. the only epic fail here is that you morons think this is a racist post. dream on and quit looking for a reason to call out racists…. give it up.. it’s a nasty looking bum white guy thats the fail.. do you see white people crying.. GOOD GOD

    1. The guy in the wrestling hotpants looks likes he’s headed to a taping of “to catch a predator”

    1. And just look at that silly hat and smile she’s wearing. She wants attention. I’d go sit with her.

  2. the girl behind him looks like she easily submits to black cocks

  3. I feel bad for that guy… having to sit next to a black man the whole flight. The honky was probably fully clothed and wearing lots of jewellery too, until this robbery took place. Haha racism! I love it.

    1. I’ve been buying a few series dvds, but I’ve not seen network or cable shows in over 3 years. If I get interested in something it gets cancelled. Rome, Deadwood, Carnivale etc. All cancelled. I can’t stand the commercials anyway. I’ve got everything I like on dvd. I’ll check out Prison Break online and if I like it I’ll buy it. Thanks for recommending.

    1. Wow Stratovarious I can’t believe you fell for that one. You just made everyone I know seem a little smarter.

  4. So much racism from those who are jealous of our race. Its understandable though. We are indeed awesome

    1. Yes and you are the ones that started the myth that black men are well-endowed, but they always have that funky,sour smell (fact)

  5. I think it’s less of a fail to be sitting with a white guy in granny panties then it is to be sitting in front of a… who the heck knows what. Seriously look at the chick behind them!

  6. Clearly, he has to sit next to a men snoring in his underwear while he has no real room in his seat. So technically, all of y’all playin’ the race card seem a bit racist right now…

  7. white people should be more discreet about their jealousy when it comes to black people especially when their girls are quick to jump on a black dick I mean why be mad its not our fault that you guys smell like wet dogs ha ha but this one white guy just looks like he smell like shit

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