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    1. Other guys’ testosterone levels get upset when they see women playing with me. I don’t understand.
      Nonetheless, being a “dickhead” ALWAYS pays off. You young guys take note.

  1. Jesus is watching you – wishing when he was alive he had dvd and internet porn access!! If he was real of course!!

    1. Sure it is. And I’ll bet it’s a good christian selling porn and rationalizing that putting that billboard up helps pay for the sin and makes it right.

  2. YES!!!! FRED and KELTA.ROSR, should get a room..
    2 man can do some ass banging……. IAN you can join in and have a 3-way……..

    1. Are you jealous because you have no fans of your own? Or because Fred has the body of a Greek god and you have the body of Jaba the hut? Or maybe that you haven’t seen your penis in years?

  3. I gotta ask, why the hell do american church groups keep showing pictures of a Caucasian Jesus? While arabic and jewish people have arian lineage, the most prominent race in Isreal 2000 years ago was aisan… just saying, I’m pretty sure Jesus didn’t look exactly like Charles Manson.

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