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    1. Agreed… When’s the last time you saw a wolf (or werewolf) wearing red underwear?

    2. I’m skeptical as to whether this is really a face paint deal. Look closely at it. Looks more like it’s computer generated or something. But, I may be wrong. IDK.

  1. Given the opportunity to spray something on her face, I wouldn’t have chosen paint. Probably go with chloroform.

    1. Thanks, it’s nice to get the recognition I truly deserve, for being so fucking special. Careful though… I’m pretty sure 2 compliments means you love me. One more and we’re married.

  2. @Kelta.Rose, Same RED UNDERWEAR FRED had on for the past week. that you used last night over your head…. REMEMBER!!!

  3. I don’t think I’d call this a win. It’s cool and all so not really a fail, but it will only last until she showers. Then it turns into a lot of money going down the drain.

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