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    1. You guys are so retarded. It looks like she put in one of the saline bags they have at the doctors office for a breast augmentation. They use them so you can get an idea of the breast size on your body type. Still don’t know why anyone would post the pic but whatever, cute girl, dumb pic.

  1. I have a feeling people misuse the term awkward nowadays. If not that, it’s definitely being overused. I never really had an awkward moment staring at the computer screen or at my cell phone. Thanks to technology, people forget what it’s like to sit in a room full of people with nothing to do.

    1. Whatever the case, I’m tired of hearing the phrase, “That awkward moment when…”. It’s just monotonous.

    2. Waiting rooms? Bus stops? I was talking about those. I don’t see how reading a paragraph can be considered awkward, unless you are dyslexic or borderline retarded, which would explain your inability to understand the word awkward. I applaud you for the easy (Manela beat you to it) and slightly worthless troll, Wolfgang, but I think it’s time you go back to getting molested by your dad. Oh, and writing lame comments about your lame comments gets you two shiny stickers, bitch.

    3. I don’t know about you but i don’t see this picture as even remotely awkward, but rather as an ad about breast cancer prehaps just my sensitive side though

      on a side note I’d still fuck her

    4. I dunno… I think the way she’s holding that phone looks pretty awkward. Not to mention finding a bra that fits.

    5. I get you ximenez. Only intellectual people get what you were trying to explain. Good try though, maybe next time you’ll have better luck educating these people.

    6. The awkward moment when people spend their day arguing when and where you can use the word awkward

    7. Might be abit awkward to titty fuck her. But I don’t think you should even try. “Just sayin”.

    8. Thanks elikapeka, but I should have known better than to speak my thoughts, aside from the occasional, “damn that bitch crazy” or, “she be 4real?”. Besides, it’s funnier.

    9. Don’t let them get to you Ximenez, its nice to know that there is some intellect left in the world. And I love your use of punctuation and grammar. πŸ˜€

    10. Thanks, Kelta. They do provide adequate education here in America, but learning is optional and generally frowned upon. I was quite the rebel in High School.

    11. I agree. Even though the educational system is broken here the real problem is that parents are lazy and overworked. They let their kids sit in front of the TV until their brains liquify and start dripping out their noses. If you need any proof of this refer back to the “Gangsta Rap fail”.

    1. She does, she’s cute. If she had bigger breasts she would be sexy, but not everyone’s as lucky as us

    1. “Born” with D and B sized tit? She must’ve been a strange looking baby. Probably nursed herself with the D. Maybe abit with the B. I’ll bet she favored the D, though. I know I would.

    1. you sound like you have multiple children by the way you type your sentences.

  2. This isn’t the original photo. Somebody else photoshopped it and it started floating. This is Jenna Allison Marie Mason.

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