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    1. Well, I’ve never seen a tan like that before. I think we’ll soon find out what kind of side effects you can suffer from when you rub shoe polish all over yourself. Looks to me like that’s what alot of people are doing. Or something worse.

    2. Right? They can have their shoe polish, I’m perfectly happy with my porcelain skin.

    3. That’s it 2dodo… But unlike most of the Racist Stated of America, I’m not completely racist, so it doesn’t really matter what color the cock is…

  1. She’s trying to keep up with the mom on ‘Toddlers and Tiara’s’ that takes her four year old to get her eyebrows waxed.

  2. I was going to say something about how goofy and goofy looking this bitch is until I saw the last word in this article, “Camden”. The biggest fuckhole on the planet. That says it all. If she’s involved in any way with “Camden” then this whole situation is fucked.

    1. Dermatologists suggest that she suffers from “Tanorexia.”
      I say she suffers from, what I call, “Fuckwittism”.

  3. If she put on a Vikings hat and a huge clock on her neck she could live a double life pretending to be flavor flav

    1. You shouldn’t get my hopes up like that. Quit teasing. You know know you want me to go at you like a sawzall cutting butter.

    1. Mara, is my girl. I will come to Vegas and dump you outta that wheelchair, if you don’t leave my girl alone. Understand?

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