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  1. Wouldn’t being unable to stop without falling over be considered a design flaw? Damn students.

    1. AS long as you have lots of pedestrians around to soften the blow, I think you’ll be okay.

  2. Nothing to see here peoples, just a student in a weird looking cocoon, move along. Btw, why was everyone worried about the weird bike and not the two people it took out?

  3. That guy in the background… “Oh nooooo! Oh deaaaar!” sounded straight off South Park! Next I was expecting to hear “rabble rabble rabble” 😀

    1. No. It wasn’t me. I have a voice box in my throat, so I sound like that guy with the voice box that hangs out with Jim Bo.

    1. Are the capitalized words some kind of a code? HEAR…FRED…SEX…
      You must have that John Nash afliction…SCHIZOPHRENIA…
      Take your meds…FUCKWIT…

  4. @INTELLECTUAL DUDE. Your Mother came over last night when I was fucking your Sister. We had a 3-way…..

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