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  1. I’m still waiting for the photoshopped vaginas. It should be interesting what fashion trends you girls set forth for yourselves.
    WAIT A MINUTE! Another good website idea!
    Oops! $100 says someone steals that idea.

    1. No shit!
      BTW: Why do you refrain from spelling bitches correctly? Sorry, but I have a thing for noticing neurotic behavior.

    2. Only cuz I really don’t respond to this shit. Didn’t know if comment would be blocked….now I know….I can say bitches lol

    3. Okay. Sorry. No worries and shit. Just curious. Didn’t mean to be an asshole. Just am, though.

    4. Sheeeiiit. No apologies πŸ˜‰ I’m a bitch, just didn’t know i could be πŸ˜‰

    5. Well, as long as you are a female “bitch”, you’re welcome to be one with me. I like “bitching”. In fact, when done correctly, I get quite aroused by it. “Just sayin”.

    1. baby got boobs and back… boobs of a 25 year old stripper and the back of an 8 year old girl. She should have gone all out and photoshopped that face of hers while she was at it.

    1. Yeah, again. But if she’d let me play stinkfinger I might could let her slide on that, this time.

    1. Well, we might have to put you on a “regimen” but don’t give up hope. I mean, you’ve got a pretty little vadge there, right? Ya know that is always your “biggest” asset. Remember: a vagina is a powerful thing. Use your assets, honey.

    2. No! Not at all, Sweetie. It’s perfectly fine that you can afford it. Hell, I’m sorry to even ask you to pay for the shipping. You are so sweet. You just need someone to talk to. Talk to me here and we will joke around and you will see that joking around will make you feel better. It’ll build your confidence. Okay?

    3. Joking i can do…confidence i have… Im just a closet case.haha:/ plus i kno my panties smell good πŸ˜€

    4. Well, they really should be tested by an expert, though.
      I’ve tried to get certified, but no one can tell me where to be certified. Everybody just stares like dumbasses.
      But I consider myself an expert at panty sniffing. The Feds have a record of it anyway.

  2. I want to see what she looks like without the photoshop. I love Hispanic girls in glasses. She probably looks good enough without it.

    1. I thought the same thing! She looks like she has a tight little body, why go and fuck it up?

    2. I feel the same about Hispanic girls. I feel the same about Ginger girls though. I really like girls though. Am I “normal”.

    3. Who the fuck wants to be “normal”? Fuck that! Throw caution to the wind and go for that weird shit!

    4. Okay, Kelta, you’re telling me that it’s perfectly okay for me to visualise you as a redhead with freckles on your tits and a red bush and me getting aroused by the thoughts of munching down on your freckled snatch is okay?
      But what about what everybody else thinks? I am so confused and scared that society will think badly of me. I mean what of all the shit talk about “gingers”?
      I dream of Scully and an untelevised X-File.

    5. Whatever gets you off Fred! Fuck society and whatever they think of you! Come to the dark side with me and Ill show you what life’s really about.

    6. Kelta. You and I have been doing nothing but bullshitting one another. I’d like you to know that I respect that. I like you. You can put up with alot of stupid shit. I like people like you. No shit. You’re really okay with me. And thanks for doing it. I enjoy our banter.

    7. As do I! And you’ve always been ok in my book. I don’t see why people are so uptight, I just let shit roll off my shoulders and don’t get upset about what people think, especially people that don’t have any bearing on my life. I have a real “I’ll do as I please and if you don’t like it you can go fuck yourself” attitude…

    8. Okay. I said I was signing off, but just as I did I refreshed and saw you posted again.
      So, ya know, we used to have these forums for talking. Now it’s like, it’s all for making a comment and no conversation.
      What the fuck happened to having a conversation? Why not argue and talk? And people don’t understand why people are killing one another over “comments” on facebook. WTF, is wrong with everyone?
      I just don’t get it.
      BTW: I will fucking kill you if you don’t “like” what I just said. And, seriously, I’m off now. Later.

  3. The trouble with ‘smudge’ in Photoshop is that it… well, smudges. And everything around it. The bed looks like it’s being sucked into a black hole!


    someday you will have a body like her.. But it will take a lot of work.. FULL BODY LIPO and hours of face lifts.. Just to trim your WATERMELON BUTT to size will take 10 hours…. Still no pussy yet…

    1. I’m not sure what your trying to say here.. Did you have a seizure while trying to write this one?

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