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  1. Grandpa sure does love his ecstasy. Someone get that crazy old bastard some glow sticks and a bottle of water.

    1. Bet he’s got some viagra mixed in his ecstasy. He’s thinking “I got a glow schtick for every one of these little hotties here”.

    2. It totally looked to me like he’d fallen asleep on his arm and was desperately trying to shake some life (and blood) back into it.

  2. I wanna party with him! I guess that’s the only dance move he’s got going for him, even though I don’t know what kind of dance move that is. I have a feeling he was the life of the party at his prom

    1. You want to gargle his crusty old marbles, don’t you Mara? I wouldn’t advise it. Those grey pubes get everywhere. Also a distinct risk of heart attack. Won’t get that Green Card if he’s dead.

    2. I find some old guys attractive. Like Liam neeson and Barack Obama. And that guy from dos equis, stay thirsty my friends.

    3. I’m old as hell, Mara. I’m so old I’m beyond getting up and going. Come help me take a bath.

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