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  1. I think it’s a “Family Photo Win” for Grandma and Grandpa, since the rest of the family are not there, and they can run around in nothing more than their Depends after this photo shoot. I’ll bet Grandpa’s got first dibs on the enema bag.

    1. Uh…Where the fuck did that come from? I think you’re looking for the Turkish Hash Pipe thread a couple of pics over, maybe?

    2. Lol Fred you crack me up. You deserve a coquito, come over here and I’ll make you one you’ll never forget.

    3. Yeah. Right. I know. You’re trying to slip me some of that date rape drug. You should be ashamed.

    1. That Viagra shit’s got Grandma showing her dentures. We may wind up seeing the video of what happened next on efukt.

    2. No doubt! But hey, If I had no teeth it would be so much easier to suck cock…

    3. Oh I plan to! Iv never even had a cavity, and I make a point to go to he dentist once a year… So at this rate I’ll never get dentures. :/

    4. Ooooh! You didn’t mean like orifice type cavities. Sorry. I feel like such a doofus.

    5. You guys!!! (Fists positioned on my hips and one foot stamping repeatedly) Enough with the Thom Foolery!!!

    6. Ximenez, have you ever had your dick sucked by a woman with no teeth? (Im under the assumption you’re a male)

    7. No, but I actually don’t plan on doing that until I’m 70 (it’s in my bucket list). Mind you, I’m only 21, so the thought of a toothless female seems somewhat out of reach. It doesn’t mean I don’t think about it every now and then.

    8. I always think that it’d be my luck she’d have just one left: a canine. Hurts to think about it.

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