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    1. Chicken grease and rice? Naw. I’d want a steak or the next time the bike gets given away.

  1. Definitely not the Uh. S. Here a cop would have come up asking for license, registration, and proof of insurance. Then he’d arrested the person recording and proceed to beat the living Hell out of the dog…just for GP.

    1. Yeah, PETA should change their name to PEFA: People for the Ethical Fucking of Animals. I’ve enjoyed some of their videos they posted on efuct.

  2. This dog is smarter than some humans I know! And definitely a better mate than a few humans I know too!

    1. Except when they lick that smegma off their genitals and then try to lick your face. I’ve never considered that shit cool.

    2. Damnit Fred… I was just trying to scatter some fairy dust in this rotten place but you just HAD to ruin it!

  3. That chink was buying groceries to go with the main course that evening. Grilled man’s best friend

    1. Indeed, the cornerstone of any nutritious meal. I bet he ate the tail like corn on the cob.

    2. I probably ate some while I was there, but I don’t remember. I remember a hooker talking me into eating live octopus while I was drunk on some kinda Korean whiskey. It was okay with some tabasco sauce. Both the octopus and whiskey, I think.

    3. “AAH herro Mista Fled, come to my chinky boudoir and eat some Okkotapoos! It taste vely much rike chinese vagina, but tlust me, I plomise it genuine okkotapoos!

    4. That was good. You sounded just like her. Just add that, “Ooo! Me so horny! Me fuck you longtime! Come on, GI!”

    5. Sound rike her? Dats because me IS her. You owe me 5 dorrar Mista Fled, you run away with tlousers lound ankles rike a dog lunning flom da kitchen

    1. The dog isn’t a train. A train is an automotive device for transporting multiple passengers long distances with minimal impact on the environment. Perhaps you are confusing ‘train’ with ‘sledging involving dogs’. Judging by your ‘grammar’ I would say that you are Easter European at best, and therefore consider transportation by catapult as the most advanced form of transportation.

    2. Uh…actually, I think catapulting would be a cool way to be transported somewhere…As long as I was NOT transported into the side of a building…or worse…that is. I was thinking more along the lines of being transported/catapulted into a vagina. That would be awesome!

    1. It’s been a while since you didn’t write to me! You Bastard! …That’s what I said, I chose dogs over Humans. Done.

    2. Well, I usually talk too vulgar, and, well, I respect you too much to talk like that to you. Would you forgive me?
      I bought those pants that you donated to the red cross, and if nothing else, I feel that we have those pants in common. And the crotch still smells nice.

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