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  1. Could be something other than pot (IE flavored vapor)

    Either that, or the little kid’s just a major pothead.

    1. You have obviously never heard of Hookah AKA Flavored Tobacco. So, You Sir FAIL.

    2. Hookah is the pipe, shisha is the flavoured tobacco. Nothing wrong with this, if it’s shisha. Shisha is not the same as hash/pot or normal tobacco. It doesn’t produce a high and doesn’t contain nicotine. It is no different to parents in Italy letting their kids have a glass of vino with a meal. It is a photo, a frozen moment in time. Just because she isn’t moving and her lips are permanantly attached to the pipe in the photo, doesn’t mean that she spends all day, every day, smoking. Neil, I’m not familiar with shisha stones. I think you are getting confused with the coals that you place on top of the tobacco (which is covered in foil) to burn the shisha. I have a hookah pipe at home after trying it in Egypt. It’s a big sucker that stands about a metre high. Makes a great display piece.

    3. Correction: Hookah is term used more frequently in India/Pakistan and shisha is the term more frequently used in Egypt and Arab countries.

    1. Really?? You think there is nothing wrong with this..It does not matter if it is tobacco or weed..a child should not be doing this and someone should call the welfare on them.

    2. Shisha is Flavored tobacco, it is harmful to the lungs and children under 18 should not be exposed to it.

      You dont let an 8 year old smoke tobacco!

    4. just so everyone knows, its not always tobacco thats smoked in a hooka. Usually it can simply be flavored herbs and flowers and isnt tobacco or marijuana. So way to jump to conclusions, jackasses.

    5. Yeah, jackasses! It could just be salvia, a product of sage. Or opium, a product of the poppy. Those are way better! 😉

  2. it’s not pot, it’s sheesha! My mom got same from her Moroccan mate, we smoke apple flavored tobacco on parties :)))

    1. just because its not pot doesnt make it ok. Kids shouldnt smoke tobacco either. Shes gona be smoking cigarettes before 11

  3. even its its plain hookah/shisha… its still tobacco and smoke! not healthy for a child at alll!!!

    1. For fuck’s sake! Only yuppie fuckwits would gum up a perfectly good hash pipe, smoking something like cornsilks in it! If you’re gonna fuck around with a hashpipe, then smoke hash in it! Hell, if you’re gonna smoke pot, twist a doobie! Or get a bong! Duh!

    2. BLUNTS ALL THE WAY! But not for fucking kids. I started at 14 and i still think that was to early….

    3. Really Christie? When you see children at Mcdonalds do you get upset? Well, you should! They have meals specifically for kids, and its all poison! I bet this child has had fast food before, so I’m positive that this is not any worse for her.

    4. Well, I don’t condone exposing kids to any kind of smoke and I occasionally eat at McDonald’s (Maybe twice a year).
      I don’t feel that enclosing a kid in a bubble from birth is good either. It’s been proven (to me, anyways) that children that don’t get out in the dirt and get exposed to germs, have more problems with allergies, germs, etc. Why does every nasty thing that babies can get their little grubby hands on, go directly in their mouths? Because it was meant to be. they are developing antibodies.
      The little nasty fuckers are germ factories, anyways. So, why not everyday toxins?

    5. I both agree and disagree Fred. I work in a hospital and agree that children shouldn’t be kept in a bubble from birth and that at this girls age she should not be exposed to smoke. But at the same time there is a difference between germs and toxins.
      I’m strange and always have been because my parents (in addition to being atheists) were also vegan. They grew everything we ate without any chemicals. As an adult I have found I like meat and animal products, so now everything I eat is grown right here on my land, free of chemicals, hormones and toxins. This is just how I was raised and I fully understand that not everyone has the means to live like this. And I’m sorry if I sound stuck up, I just think it is the personal responsibility of every individual to know exactly what is going into their body.

    6. I can’t argue with that.
      I’m just saying that I was exposed to the Cowpox virus…intentionally. And now because of that exposure we are free of the small pox virus…maybe.

    7. The only argument I can pose to vaccines is that viruses and diseases tend to mutate and gain immunity. But that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to them.

    8. That’s true. Viruses main function seems to be to mutate. Seems kinda like they evolve. Should we?

  4. Blah blah blah. LIttle smoke ain’t gonna kill her. Worse on your lungs walking down the sidewalk next to a busy street

    1. Ha! You made me remember standing on the sidewalk in Bangkok on Sukhumvit Road and a guy is standing there smoking a cigarette. A girl walks up beside him and looks down the street for the bus. She smells his cigarette smoke, grimaces and steps away from him next to a stopped bus. She looks at me, knowing I saw what she did, and rolls her eyes. Then the bus starts to move, blows out a huge twenty yard cloud of exhaust, right in her face.
      Ha! The bitch never flinched.

    2. the little smoke might not kill her but the stupidity her parents are teaching her might.

    3. Jefafa, I have to agree with you on this one. I live in a very rural area, ok in pretty good isolation, my nearest neighbor is about 2 miles away. I personally cant stand to be in or around the city because everything seems (is) toxic. We eat, drink, breathe and live around toxins. So a little bit of pot or hash isn’t going to kill them. I think parents should be more educated about what they are actually putting into their children. McDonalds is worse for the human body than getting high.

  5. And I had to wait till I was 18 to try my first joint, so not fair. by the time she’s 18 her lungs will be worse than cheech n chong

    1. I bet you have some killer stuff where you live, islands are great for that nice sticky kush!

    2. Me either Fred! I hope Mara lives close to the shore so we can all go for a midnight swim under the moonlight!

    3. Well the beach is 15 mins away from my house, but my house is sitting on top of a very high mountain and it’s a 2 floor house so we see the whole ocean. And at night time we can climb on my roof, watch the cruises go by, or there is a waterfall like 3 minutes away and we will swim under it inside the cave underneath it. What do you guys think?

    4. One question: While we’re on the roof, if I lean over to observe your pretty little mudflaps, and I fall off the house, how far will I fall before I meet my death?
      Oh! And I love that “swimming in your cave” metaphor shit! *wink, wink*

    5. Fred that is not what I meant at all. There really is a waterfall 3 mins away. And trust me it’ll blow your mind away…. That sounds wrong, but I’m serious though…. I grew up in this house and my parents divorced and moved away, so they gave me the house. Kelta you’re more than welcome

    6. Awe! How sweet Mara! That’s actually eerie that your parents gave you your house, mine left me the house, land, equipment and assets in their will. Unfortunately I inherited it at a younger age then I would have liked, but Iv carved my own path. If I ever decide to uproot though, I will definitely head your way! 🙂

    7. Your more than welcome at my place Fred! I could always use the help. 🙂 You can be the sexy poolboy!

    8. That is very cool. You must have an awesome house! … Fred I never said you’re not welcome. When you come here I’ll make you the best food you’ve ever had. I’ve been cooking since I was like 7 years old and I promise you’ll be satisfied

    9. Oh my Fred! Come shack up with me and Ill make you a killer steak! If you come at the right time in the year Ill let you pet the cow before you eat it! 😉 Wait, that probably sounds gross to most people huh?

    10. I grew up on a farm, so when I see a calf about the right age to start fattening up, I’m contemplating what he’d taste like.

  6. It’s funny that half the people here are making wild guesses about the content of the pipe and missing the fact that a little girl is smoking at all.

  7. That is very cool. You must have an awesome house! … Fred I never said you’re not welcome. When you come here I’ll make you the best food you’ve ever had. I’ve been cooking since I was like 7 years old and I promise you’ll be satisfied

    1. I was just joking, Mara. And thanks. You’re both welcome to my house. And I’m not a bad cook, myself. I don’t eat Ramen noodles. I eat P.F. Chang’s.

  8. what’s the big freakin deal it’s just a damn hooka that can have sheesha (don’t know how to spell it) with our without nicotine, safer than a cig anyways

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