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  1. Oh, so they ACTUALLY tend to sit on toilets like that in Japan? – I thought they did that only in scat porn flicks…

    1. Thais have squat toilets and are not used to sitting on one. I suppose alot of other SE Asians squat on toilets like that, break the seat, and probably bust their asses doing so. So, they have to be instructed on how to properly use them.

  2. This is Japan, all electronic stuff there is 3 generations ahead to us but they don’t know how to shit.

    1. Squating is the natural way to do it. The sitting toilet comes from the European kings I believe. They wanted too poop in style. And then everyone wanted too poop in style. LoL

  3. they got those stickers all over asia, traditional asian toilets are squat toilets (basically a hole in the ground), they’re slowly switching to western toilets all over asia, but you get people from the sticks who don’t know how to use those, so you’ll find shoe prints on toilet seats sometimes.

    1. Yup, in Indonesia we have many stickers like this especially in middle-to-low-class shopping center’s toilets. Some people (mostly ederly or people from rural area) think that sit-toilets are annoying because when you sit your butts are folded whereas the anus is shut, so it’ll be hard to poo.
      *forgive my explanation, bad English* :p

    1. …that if your mother had learned to sit on the toilet correctly, instead of standing on it, when she dropped that huge turd, it wouldn’t have sloshed that spermazoa up on her cunt and you would never have been conceived.

  4. This is a win…how?! AThe Japanese, are NOT stupid like most Americans are! Lol. They DO use common sense! And, I’m American. So, that gives me every right, to judge the stupid Americans! >:P

  5. Don’t think for a second it only happens in asian countries, we have a squatter at work…like come on! It’s Australia for pities sake, the only place its acceptable to pop a squat is in the bush!

  6. Less chance of hemorrhoids squatting apparently. Us Westerners are just lazy pricks who have to sit on our fat arses to do everything.

  7. Your body wasn’t built to take a shit while in sitting position. Thousands of years, and billions of people shit squatting. Over 50% of Americans need Preparation H… Coincidence?

  8. They have to put signs like this on public water closets all over Europe now because of the fucking moslems. They shit like the first pic shows.

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